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Boost your sales, promote your Facebook page & make your EggSellent profile stand out

We’re happy to announce that we’ve finalised one of the biggest EggSellent updates which will hopefully be a real game changer for the whole community. Our new features allow you to make your EggSellent breeder profile stand out, connect it to your existing Facebook page and enable Facebook Messenger directly on your profile to let people get in touch with you more easily. In this article we’ll introduce you to these new features and show you how to activate them.

1. Activate Facebook Messenger on your breeder profile

Enabling FB Messenger has been one of the most frequently requested feature of the EggSellent community. It’s never been easier to connect breeders and customers. Not only is it a lot quicker compared to using the normal contact form, it will also engage more users to get in touch with you. Once this feature is activated, you will notice a new button under the contact form that says “Contact via Facebook Messenger”. A simple click on it will open the Facebook Messenger App and the user can get in touch with you in the most convenient way.

Activate FB Messenger
New contact form with FB Messenger function activated

2. Facebook Feed integration

This is an absolute biggie and very helpful feature that will not only lead to more followers and page likes for your Facebook page, it will also keep your EggSellent breeder profile up to date automatically. Any post, photo or video that you submit on your Facebook page will automatically be displayed within your EggSellent breeder profile. This will boost the popularity of your profile significantly and will save you a ton of time because your EggSellent profile will be updated automatically every time you post something on Facebook.

However, please make sure to add a proper and detailed description of your breeder project on EggSellent (About section). Doing this is crucial for the success of your profile since it helps others to get a good overview of what you do and your profile will be easier to find within the search results. So make your profile stand out by adding a creative and descriptive about section (Go to My Listings > breeder profile > edit > About You & Your Project).

Facebook Feed function activated. Your profile always up to date.

To see a profile with these features in action, check out the breeder profile of Paradise Poultry.

Paradise Poultry
Click image to visit Paradise Poultry's breeder profile

3. How to activate these features

Now how do you unlock these unique features? It’s simple as! All you need to do is share a post with your Facebook page that has our Facebook page @EggSellentAU tagged in it AND a link to our website https://eggsellent.com.au included.
That way, we can verify that you’re the legitimate owner of that profile which is crucial for the data protection of our users. And that is it! Within 24 hours after your post, the new features will be unlocked on your EggSellent profile. On top of that, you will get a “Verified Listing” badge next to your name on the breeder profile which will make your profile stand out among all the others.

These features will be enabled for 4 months. After that period of time you will simply have to share the post again to renew the features. That way, we’ll make sure that all our breeder profiles are active and we’re not wasting our visitor’s time by contacting inactive breeders. You’ll get an email notification 3 days prior to the expiry date. If you choose not to renew these features that’s fine too. Your profile will go back to the basic features and will remain active.

Please note: It has to be a public Facebook PAGE – it does not work with a private Facebook profile. Make sure our Facebook page @EggSellentAU is tagged properly otherwise we won’t receive a notification about your post and can’t activate the features. When tagged properly @EggSellentAU should automatically change to EggSellent.com.au in your Facebook post. See images below.

Here’s an example of how a post to activate the features could look like. Simply copy the text below and share it on your Facebook page.

Make sure to check out @eggsellentAU - Australia's free poultry community and marketplace with an interactive poultry breeder map. EggSellent supports local breeders, poultry clubs and businesses across Australia. Check it out and find my breeder profile on https://eggsellent.com.au

Any questions? Write it in the comments below.

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