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Thirsty Chook Poultry Drinkers Review

Product review for Thirsty Chook Poultry Drinkers

Finding the right drinkers for their feathery friends is a common problem among poultry fanciers around the world. Most drinkers on the market become slimy and dirty quickly, are not very easy to use and maintain or have to be replaced every couple of months. Having an efficient drinker system in place can not only save the poultry keeper a lot of time but is also crucial to keeping the own flock happy and healthy.

In this EggSellent product review, we would like to introduce you to Thirsty Chook Poultry Drinkers who claim to have found the perfect solution for clean, hygienic and convenient to use poultry drinkers. Also, save 15% on the popular Thirsty Chook 4-cup drinkers with our exclusive discount code at the end of this article.

About Thirsty Chook Poultry Drinkers

Thirsty Chook poultry drinkers are a non-tip, automatic cup system that will stop your chooks from dirtying their drinking water and will also eliminate pests and nasties from contaminating their water. The magic of this chicken waterer is in the black sunlight-banning plastic – similar to that used in aquaponics – which helps to prevent algae from forming. No more slime to scrub off!

Images by Thirsty Chook

Thirsty Chook product review by Phil from Paradise Poultry

After many years of dealing with slimy, dirty and hard to use poultry waterers like the one pictured below I was interested and wanted to know if the ‘Thirsty Chook’ waterer would be a suitable replacement. The traditional waterer regularly gathered a large slime/dirt/poop build up that necessitated regular cleaning. The weight when it has been filled made it difficult to invert and place in position without major spills.

Traditional Poultry drinkers are hard to clean
Slimy drinkers are a common problem among poultry keepers

Thirsty Chook Poultry Dinkers - 'It will be a winner'

The ‘Thirsty Chook’ was first trialed with some month old chicks (left pic) and they transitioned to it from the waterer pictured above easily and happily. After a week with them it was moved across to full size chickens (right pic) and again no problems with them accessing it.

As can be seen from the pics it was raised to appropriate beak heights for the different sized birds.

It was easy to set up and the instructions easy to follow, the lid is easy to remove to allow filling with hose or water can or bucket of water meaning no more carrying heavy waterers around after filling!

It is early days, but if the water remains slime free as the manufactures promise – it will be a winner!

Thirst Chook Review
Happy chooks enjoying slime free water by Thirsty Chook
Thirsty Chook Drinkers Review
Slightly raised drinker to adjust the drinker height - easy as!

Thirsty Chook Rating

Value for Money
Thirsty Chook Poultry Drinker Review Summary
Easy setup, good quality, nice design and works like a charm. Height needed to be adjusted manually. I highly recommend the poultry drinkers by Thirsty Chook.
It will be a winner!
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