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EggSellent is your marketplace to buy and sell live chickens, ducks, quails, geese, turkeys and other sorts of birds in Australia. We offer an easy to use solution for breeders to manage all their poultry sales.

For those looking where to buy poultry livestock in Australia, EggSellent is a convenient platform to browse through breeder profiles and their livestock for sale. Scroll through this page and check the latest breeders and offers. For a more advanced search use our search mask and apply various filters.

You can filter your search for fertile eggs by region, state, breed and many more. To get in touch with a breeder or inquire about a livestock use the contact form on the profile or offer page.

You didn’t find what you’re looking for? Submit a request and wait for breeders to contact you.

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Most frequent questions

Check our interactive poultry breeder map and breeder list. Most breeders listed on EggSellent offer poultry livestock for sale regularly. Use the available filters to specify tge results for livestock chickens, quails, geese, guinea fowls or other poultry.

Visit the breeder profile to get more information on what they have to offer. Use the contact form on the breeder profile or offer to get in touch with the seller.

Generally, live poultry can be classified into the following groups determining their age:

  1. Day old chick
    A chick that is sold within a few days after hatching. Day old chicks require a heated brooder.
  2. Chick
    Birds that are within the first weeks after hatching but old enough to not require a heated brooder.
  3. Point of lay
    Hens that are about to start laying their first eggs, usually between  4 – 6 months after hatching.
  4. Pullets
    Pullets are hens under one year of age.
  5. Mature
    Birds over one year are classified as mature.

You can use the the nearby option in our advanced search mask. Enabling the ‘livestock and breeders near me’ function uses geolocation to find any offers or breeders within a radius of 100km near you.

No, offering livestock for sale on Facebook is against their policies. For a long time, Facebook and its groups provided the perfect platform for poultry sales in Australia and worldwide. However, the social media giant has changed its policies and does no longer allow livestock and fertile eggs sales, including poultry.

That’s one reason why we founded EggSellent – Your marketplace to buy and sell poultry livestock.

You can always check for other places such as Gumtree, eBay or similar well known marketplaces. However, EggSellent is the only platform dedicated to poultry sales with. Our intuitive search mask makes it easy to find poultry breeders and fertile eggs near you. You can also check Backyard Poultry’s noticeboard for any viable fertile egg offers.

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