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EggSellent is dedicated to poultry enthusiasts in Australia and supports the promotion of local poultry clubs throughout the platform and on social media channels. You can add and promote your poultry club by creating a free Poultry Club listing.

Showcase your club and display all relevant information at a glance. Let people know why they should join your club, link to your club website and social media channels to attract more followers and potential members.

Manage all your events in one spot. Create events that will automatically be linked to your profile and promoted throughout our platform. You can even set a link that allows people to sign up for an event or apply for a membership directly.

Hundreds of breeders have joined EggSellent already. It’s quite likely that your members are on our platform already. They can link their EggSellent profile to your club profile automatically which will help your club to reach an even larger audience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many clubs to cancel their regular meetings and exhibitions. EggSellent supports poultry clubs to explore digital solutions to connect with their community, hold online meetings and even host online poultry shows. For more information, feel free to contact us after creating your free club profile on EggSellent.

Benefits of a free Club Profile

We’ve already added a few poultry clubs to the website. It’s quite likely that your club is already listed on EggSellent. As a representative of your club you can simply claim the profile, add information and unlock the donation function. Please use the following search form to see if you club is already listed. If so, visit the profile and follow the instructions to claim the listing for free.

Poultry Club Search

To get an idea of how it works. Take a look at the beautiful poultry club profile of the Nowra Poultry Club, its linked members and events.

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Poultry Club FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Nothing. Zero. Nada. A poultry club profile on EggSellent is free and will be free forever! EggSellent supports poultry clubs across Australia. They are the backbone of the poultry community and their amazing, dedicated volunteers deserve all the support we can possibly provide.

EggSellent provides an easy solution for poultry clubs to receive donations directly online. Through your EggSellent poultry club profile anyone can donate to your poultry club via PayPal or credit card. All you need to do is to enter your PayPal account email to receive donations directly. If you don’t have a PayPal account, EggSellent can receive the donation for you and will transfer it to you within one week. If you’re not using your own account, we will have to withhold 7.5% of the donated amount to cover PayPal and processing fees. We recommend to create a PayPal account to avoid a share of these costs.

Poultry Club DonationThis button will be displayed in your club profile if you enable the donation option. People can donate through PayPal and credit card.

That’s easy as. Simply create your free poultry club profile and you’re on the map. People from all over Australia will be able to find your club easily.

Click here to create your free club profile.

EggSellent is not your average directory. A free club profile on EggSellent is optimised to be found via search engines like Google or social networks. Your EggSellent profile allows poultry club members to display their membership and link your club within their breeder profiles. That way your club will reach a much broader and more targeted audience. Potential members will be able to get in touch with you easily.

We’re here to support your poultry club in terms of digitalisation. Get in touch if you have any IT-related questions.

Most poultry clubs use Facebook to keep their members and fans updated about the latest happenings and events. EggSellent is not another social media platform, it helps to empower your existing channels and increases the reach of your club significantly. With our Facebook Feed feature, your EggSellent profile stays up-to-date automatically. Whenever you post something on your poultry club Facebook page, this content will automatically be displayed in your EggSellent profile. All you need to do is create your EggSellent club profile, fill in the required information and you’re good to go. However, we recommend to fill in the required information as detailed as possible to make your profile stand out. We also encourage you to create public events on EggSellent to promote your club events reach a broad audience.

Example of an integrated Facebook Feed

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most poultry clubs had to cancel their annual events and poultry shows. As a result, many clubs are facing a hard time, financially as well as socially. EggSellent helps you to connect with your members online, create online club meetings and even host fully digital poultry exhibitions.

Contact us and we will help you to host an online poultry show. Receive donations and sell online entry tickets via integrated online payment methods. An online poultry show includes breeder galleries, customisable online rating systems, raffles, sponsor promotion and much more.

Get in touch with us an we will find a solution that fits your club’s needs.


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