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EggSellent is your marketplace to buy and sell fertilised eggs in Australia. We offer an easy to use solution for breeders to manage all their poultry sales. Please check the latest requests (wanted listings). Maybe you’ve got what other poultry fans are looking for.

For those looking where to buy fertile eggs in Australia, EggSellent is a convenient platform to browse through breeder profiles and their eggs for sale. If you want to buy fertile eggs, simply scroll through this page and check the latest breeders and offers. For a more advanced search use our search mask and apply various filters.

You can filter your search for fertile eggs by region, state, breed and many more. To get in touch with a breeder or inquire about a fertile eggs offer, simply use the contact form on the profile or offer page.

You didn’t find what you’re looking for? Submit a request and wait for breeders to contact you.

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Most frequent questions and answers

No, that’s against Facebook’s policies. For a long time, Facebook and its groups provided the perfect platform for poultry sales in Australia and worldwide. However, the social media giant has changed its policies in 2018 and does no longer allow the livestock and fertile eggs sales, including poultry. Groups and pages are being shut down without a warning and thousands of people have lost their platform to sell and buy fertilised eggs.

That’s one reason why we founded EggSellent – Your marketplace to buy and sell fertilised eggs.

As mentioned before, it’s no longer allowed to sell fertile eggs on Facebook. As a response to that, we’ve created EggSellent as an easy to use and convenient solution to manage all your poultry sales. EggSellent is Australia’s marketplace for poultry, including fertile eggs and livestock.

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